Business schools look at your ability to master the quantitative coursework in the MBA program. By scoring at lease in the 90th Percentile in the Math section you will help the Admissions Committee understand your strengths to overcome the Quantitative problems in an MBA program.


Competition to get into a good business school is fiercer than ever.

Each year, thousands of students take the GMAT, and many of them take a prep course with a group of other people.

Though these prep courses can be valuable, they come at a heavy price. Many students have expressed that fact that they feel that learning with a group of people does not give them the individual attention they need.

I will give you the personal attention you need every step of the way regarding the problems. I will help you learn the techniques to overcome the Math section of the GMAT.


To score in the 90th Percentile,

contact me to schedule to your tutoring sessions by emailing me: or calling me on my cell phone:(214) 228-3333